We keep growing

We keep growing
Jan 07, 2019

We are pleased to inform you that Boss Lumber continues to innovate and grow inside the Lumber Industry.

The increase of demand around the world for American Hadwood produced by Boss

new kilns have been installed increasing production by 50%, making it possible to meet the continuous demand around the world for the Lumber produced by Boss.

The Kilns are provided with the greatest technological advances of the sector allowing an absolute control of the conditions within it. This translates into exceptional drying quality. The wood remains flat and straight, homogeneous in drying and with a uniform color without drying defects.

The dryers are much more efficient having a positive impact on the environment. The consumption of water to heat the dryers has been reduced, affecting positively the use of the sawdust necessary to heat the boilers.


The continuous improvement is in our DNA, we will continue working and innovating and sharing the successes with you.

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